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Florida Realtors: Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund Gives $50K in Aid
Press release submission | Oct 15, 2019

The Disaster Relief donation, which NAR will distribute, helps support those affected by a disaster, such as the recent flooding in Texas and wildfires in California.

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Florida Realtors: ‘Family Office’ Investors Focusing More on Real Estate
Press release submission | Oct 15, 2019

As a possible economic slowdown looms, the people who invest money for ultra-rich families are buying more real estate as a hedge against any possible downturn.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Foreclosures Don’t Destroy Everyone’s Credit Score

By Press release submission | Sep 24, 2019

Study: The year after a foreclosure, 7% of ex-owners have a credit score above 680 and 2% above 740; and all credit scores increased by about 10 points each year.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Long-Term Mortgage Rates Rise: 30-Year at 3.56%

By Press release submission | Sep 16, 2019

Freddie Mac thinks that less worry over trade helped lift global stock markets, and the resulting impact on bonds nudged the average 30-year FRM higher this week.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Mortgage Rates Dip Again – 30-Year at 3.49%

By Press release submission | Sep 9, 2019

The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage hit a three-year low this week, declining to 3.49% from last week’s average of 3.58%.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: We'll See YOU at the Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Show

By Press release submission | Aug 26, 2019

Pick any hot real estate topic – algae, flood insurance, iBuyers, service animals – the annual convention is a once-per-year chance to change talk into action.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Real Estate Is Americans’ Preferred Long-Term Investment

By Press release submission | Aug 12, 2019

When asked about the best investment for 10-plus years, 31% picked real estate with millennials the top pro-real estate generation.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates: Will It Help Buyers

By Press release submission | Aug 5, 2019

The small cut isn’t expected to have a big impact on real estate, but it could trigger a slight rate decrease in adjustable rate loans and maybe fixed-rate loans.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Mortgage Rates Head Up Again – 30-Year At 3.81%

By Press release submission | Jul 22, 2019

Freddie Mac economist: Continued improvement in consumer spending and optimism over an expected Fed cut of short-term interest rates helped spark the increase.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: May home construction slips 0.9%

By Press release submission | Jun 24, 2019

U.S. home construction slipped a bit in May as a sharp drop in single-family construction

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Will the Fed cut interest rates this month

By Press release submission | Jun 10, 2019

Although Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell played down speculation of an interest-rate cut this summer only last month

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Storm season could be met with ‘skittishness’

By Press release submission | Jun 3, 2019

SA faded banner, draped across the second-story balcony of a weather-battered shell of a home, sends a message: "Mexico Beach will rise again."

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Orlando Realtor sued for refusing to rent to felons

By Press release submission | May 27, 2019

An Orlando Realtor who operates as a property manager was talking to a potential renter recently who said he had a felony conviction on his record.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Program to boost credit scores requires bank account access

By Press release submission | May 20, 2019

Actor and activist Hill Harper, no stranger to offering advice on building financial security, is about to embark on a new venture with Experian to help consumers tap into some technology to instantly improve their credit scores.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: FBI report: 11,800 internet real estate scams in 2018

By Press release submission | May 13, 2019

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Complaint Center (IC3) released its annual report on internet crimes.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Long-term mortgage rates hit 4.2%, up for 4th week

By Press release submission | Apr 29, 2019

U.S. long-term mortgage rates rose this week for the fourth straight week

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Zillow Group sued for inaccessible website

By Press release submission | Apr 22, 2019

Two visually impaired Massachusetts women filed a lawsuit against Zillow group (Fredericka Nellon and Sofia Montano vs. Zillow Group Inc.)

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