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FLORIDA REALTORS: Court finds agent 85% liable in settlement wire-fraud scam

Press release submission | Jul 31, 2018

A Kansas federal court upheld a jury verdict that determined that a buyer's representative was 85% responsible for the buyer's losses from a wire-fraud scam.

FLORIDA REALTORS: Flood ins. update: Feisty senators could cause a problem

Press release submission | Jul 31, 2018

The fight over the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will come down to the wire as U.S.

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FLORIDA REALTORS: Q&A: What does a landlord owe a tenant if the A/C goes out?

Press release submission | Jul 30, 2018

Question: We rent out a condo where the association controls the air conditioning and all utilities.


FLORIDA REALTORS: Garages and great kitchens less important than good schools

Press release submission | Jul 29, 2018

A listing's garage, large backyard and updated kitchen may not be as important to home shoppers as the school district, according to a new survey released by realtor.com of more than 1,000 people who closed on a home in 2018.


FLORIDA REALTORS: Owner has second thoughts about lender’s insurance

Press release submission | Jul 22, 2018

Question: We have let our mortgage lender choose our hazard insurance for our home.


FLORIDA REALTORS: Reminder: FREC changed license renewal requirements

Press release submission | Jul 21, 2018

You still need 14-hours of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) approved continuing education to renew a Fla.


FLORIDA REALTORS: How do I know the seller actually received my offer?

Press release submission | Jul 20, 2018

Dear Anne: I called a listing agent the other day to find out if he presented my buyer's offer and he said, "Yeah, I presented it."


FLORIDA REALTORS: Fla. one step closer to reservoir for toxic discharges

Press release submission | Jul 16, 2018

A plan to build a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to reduce toxic discharges was approved Wednesday afternoon by the Army Corps of Engineers and hand-delivered to Congress.


FLORIDA REALTORS: Scott issues order to protect beach access

Press release submission | Jul 15, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott issued an executive order Thursday to block state agencies from taking action on a bill he signed into law earlier this year – one that critics said from the outset could limit the public's access to beaches.


FLORIDA REALTORS: Add the Florida Realtors

Press release submission | Jun 23, 2018

Add the Florida Realtors Tech Helpline to your contacts!

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